Sunday 27 April 2008

Reading List

Here are a few things I've read recently, apart from papers and reports:
  • Press On: principles of interaction programming, by Harold Thimbleby: (devices often have frustrating user interfaces, but we can apply intelligent computer science informed by context to get much better ones, and he provides some programs to do it; although the book is not as beautiful as one of Edward Tufte's, there is a similar intellectual range and excitement, including relevant historical analogies, and the importance of context to any design)
  • Chris Okasaki's Publications (data structures and algorithms for functional programming languages)
  • Software Engineering for Internet Applications, which is online, although I bought the paperback (only 2006, and the technology is already outdated, but the book is still worthwhile for its extensive design discussions and revelations about the worrying low-level stuff underpinning web applications, and of course the technology is still in use)
  • Beyond the Desktop Metaphor (as it suggests, looking for alternatives to the over-present desktop, but I didn't find it had much fizz, compared to Press On, and although there were a few ideas worth applying, I thought most of the results were dull compared say to just using Acme or an iPhone)

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