Saturday 16 July 2011

My latest squeeze

My last audio CD player failed, and my CDs were taking up too much space. I decided finally to go properly digital with my music. I was anxious to control the software, at least to some extent, and to ensure I could use a good range of formats, not just MP3.

I built a mini-ATX box to run Vortexbox, to provide my digital jukebox. Vortexbox is based on a Fedora Linux distribution, preconfigured on installation to act immediately as a jukebox, without having to mess with it further. Being Linux-based, and with source available, should allow arbitrary tinkering.

To feed my Quad 34/306 hi-fi system, I decided to try the Logitech Squeezebox Touch. Until all the bits arrived for the Vortexbox, I have been playing BBC Radio 3 on Internet radio, which works well, even though the Squeezebox is currently using a WiFi connection. (I'm just setting up the Vortexbox now.)

I was pleased to find that I can ssh in to the Touch. On doing so for the first time, I read:
root@squeeze1's password:

This network device is for authorized use only. Unauthorized or improper use
of this system may result in you hearing very bad music. If you do not consent
to these terms, LOG OFF IMMEDIATELY.

Ha, only joking. Now you have logged in feel free to change your root password
using the 'passwd' command. You can safely modify any of the files on this
system. A factory reset (press and hold add on power on) will remove all your
modifications and revert to the installed firmware.

I found that mildly amusing, but it also emphasises a big change in attitude for consumer devices: this one is clearly my device, and I can change it as I like, not just in trivial ways.